We arrive to the sound of gunshots…

But don’t get worried. It turns out in Bogotá people play a game called Tejo, which is sort of like bocci, but with the addition of gunpowder… See this video.

That was our friend Dan “tejon” Green, tossing a five-pound metal puck at the tejo mudpile/court. On that shot he hit one of the small paper packets of gunpowder placed on the court, earning his team three points, and causing the explosion. But guess what, it gets crazier. Dan took that shot from half court, as did the rest of us. But the other guys who were there playing were throwing from full court. That means the whole place is full of potentially lethal metal pucks flying across the room causing explosions. Here’s a glimpse of a full-court shot:

In that video you may have also noticed that Jake was drinking a beer. That’s because to play tejo, you don’t actually have to pay. Instead, you have to buy a case of 30 beers, and drink them, within an hour, while you play… In fact, while you’re playing the only currency you have is beer, and you even pay the guy who wets and re-packs your mud with a beer.


Tejo puck and tejo beer.


The court, and Jake after a shot that exploded a gunpowder pack and landed inside the circle. Indeed, that is the best shot possible.

So, to recap, tejo is a game played by launching five-pound iron pucks across a long room at a gunpowder laden mudpile while getting increasingly drunk. My goodness, you’re thinking, sounds like an easy way to get killed. But before you jump to conclusions, please take a look at the photo below and note the safety equipment in place. I’m talking about that blue metal cage. In there you’re safe. Of course, that cage isn’t meant for standing in to wait your turn. It’s for standing in when you’ve got to pee. It’s a urinal…

Safest place in the room...

Yes, when your friend is in the urinal you try to explode one of the gunpowder packets to scare the hell out of him.

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2 Responses to We arrive to the sound of gunshots…

  1. Walker says:

    LOVE THIS! Bockabockabocka!

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