No gunshots – let’s nap

Casey here: I must admit, I am feeling slightly intimidated about my first attempt at blogging.  Apparently my new hubby has a knack for it – the second large surprise of the marriage after I learned he was a natural at the flying trapeze.

Since our Tejo adventure, Bogotá hasn’t generated much new blog-worthy content, which is actually just fine with me after the busy weeks leading up to our travels and the 5:30 a.m. departure from Chicago on Sunday.

Jake at Airport_2013_09_03

This was at 3:00 a.m.  We re-arranged all our luggage so that nothing weighed more than 40 pounds. Thanks, Spirit.

Today we spent most of the morning trying to get a Colombian cell phone (success!), documents printed for fieldwork (success!), and purchased some olive oil and an avocado to eat with our arepas for lunch (double success!).  We are still feeling the altitude here, as Bogota hovers at 8,000 feet, so after lunch we took an afternoon nap and I fell asleep listening to rain outside our tiny window.


Tiny bedroom. Surprisingly comfortable.


Rainy view from our Bogotá apartment. This is not the tiny window.

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