Color Run.

Dear Municipal Government of Bogota,

I wanted to express my concern over your decision to host the finish line of Bogota’s first 5K Color Run in the street in front of our apartment, directly beneath our bedroom windows.  While I understand that it is important to promote healthy, positive activities in an urban space, I believe it was a poor decision to play music so loudly that it rattled our windows, shook our entire apartment, and woke us before 6:00am.  Did no one consider the elderly, the babies, the churchgoers, or the gringos when they decided to scream into a microphone for five hours straight in the middle of our neighborhood?  Do you enjoy waking up to Katy Perry’s “Roar” ?

I will cede that the Colombian teenagers looked nice in their neon tutus, but they seemed to be doing more dancing than running, which sort of defies the point, no?  Let’s get them back into the bars drinking aguardiente and subsequently nursing hangovers rather than terrorizing our Sunday morning streets.


Casey Ehrlich Rollow


Bogota’s 5K Color “Run”

Notice the tutus on both male and female teenagers.

Notice the tutus on both male and female teenagers.

View from our window. I wanted to kill someone.

View from our window. 

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2 Responses to Color Run.

  1. Martina says:

    Admit that you thought it was mostly cool, except for the Katy Perry bit.

  2. abq2abd says:

    Today I think it’s cool because I slept well… yesterday in the wee hours quería matar a alguien. :P. Miss you, Martina!

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