Today was the second day in a row I saw naked butts in the street

After studying the map of the public transport system from the comfort of our own apartment, Jake and I decided to take the Transmilenio to the National Library downtown.  Jake found the bus stop closest to the library – Calle 22 con Caracas – or “Street 22 with Caracas.”  On the map it looked easy enough.  As the bus approached the stop, though, I saw that the old buildings were abandoned, with broken glass in the windows, and naked women in doorways.  This, I learned a day too late, is a neighborhood called “La Tolerancia” (“The Tolerance”) because the police allow prostitution and other exciting things that I am trying to studiously avoid here in Colombia.  Very soon after getting off the bus, Jake and I realized that this was not a safe area for gringos and walked quickly and quietly the three blocks to an area where the police are decidedly less tolerant.

Today we took a different route.  We got off near the National Library, no prostitutes in view, and entered the library without any excitement.  However, about an hour into our archiving, we heard a commotion outside the window.  We looked outside and in front of the window there was a group of young Colombians mooning us.


View from the National Library.



The view from the safer walk today.


No prostitutes.

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One Response to Today was the second day in a row I saw naked butts in the street

  1. Martina says:

    I think this deserves another paragraph. Stay safe, kids!

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