Stuck in the Middle with You

First, a warning: we’re in a melancholy state of mind, and we’re gonna take a few paragraphs here to write about it.

We flew to Washington, D.C., last Friday. Casey had a conference there, and we also made some time with family and friends. Being there was    great. We sucked down venti-sized starbucks coffees; went to and watched high school, college and professional football games (and all our teams won!); shopped at a mall where clothes were normally priced; stopped thinking about if someone was going to steal our cell phones; and hung out with and talked to people we’ve known a long time and care about. Like I said, great.


Only good friends pose this nicely for you.


In the middle. Darcy playing the symbols like a boss. Wilde Lake Homecoming.

Now we’re back in Bogota. And it’s hard being back. Going home knocked us out of our work groove and our Colombia groove, and we’ve returned to an apartment that is practically abandoned, as our roommates are moving this weekend (they’re taking us with them, which we appreciate). Also, I caught a cold, which just sucks anywhere.

Yesterday was also Casey’s birthday. And while birthdays should be a time of celebration, this one’s a little harder than usual, because she doesn’t have all her people around her, it’s harder to plan a birthday party in a city that isn’t yours, and because birthdays mark the passing of time. And right now for us is an odd, in-between time. High-school football games with siblings in the halftime show (which we loved seeing) aren’t a regular part of our life, but neither, really, are the walks down our street in Bogota to buy groceries. Similarly, while Casey loves watching the videos of the baby inside her sister’s belly, what she really wants is to be there hanging out and feeling the kicks with her own hand.


Clearly, her birthday was not all bad 🙂

So while our adventure here is an exciting opportunity, it can also, sometimes, feel like a delay, holding us up in between the phases of our “real” life.  But don’t feel too sorry for us – we know how to focus on the exciting opportunities, too. In the next few weeks we have a weekend trip to a beautiful colonial village planned (Villa de Leyva) and lots of other fun plans coming up to take our mind off of the changing leaves we saw States-side.


Fall in DC.

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One Response to Stuck in the Middle with You

  1. Claire says:

    We miss you guys!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few months!!!

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