(Our) Life is Weird

Today Casey and I woke, dressed up, and took a taxi to our 9 a.m. meeting at the United Nations Development Program. Past the glass doors, we sat at a table inside the office of a woman who has spent the last 4.5 years overseeing the efforts of the UN to support victims of the Colombian conflict. She’s also worked directly with two Colombian presidential administrations on peace negotiations with guerrillas, and gave us a good overview the UN’s role throughout the history of peace negotiations. 

After the meeting, we walked down the street to a cafe with internet to work on our laptops. We ate an early lunch, and then went to our old apartment to wait for a guy coming to fix two of the windows. The apartment is now completely empty, except for a dirt-filled but plantless planter pot, a mini chair (it’s sized for a toddler – and I don’t know why it was there in the first place), a phone book, and the modem our housemate had brought by earlier in the day. Casey sat on the floor and I took the mini chair. We pulled out our laptops and did some more work. But the window guy was so late we got hungry. So I ran across the street to get a pizza. And when I brought it back we ate it, there on the floor in an empty apartment in Bogota, using pages of the phone book in place of forgotten napkins, just hours after a meeting at the United Nations.

photo (1)

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