This weekend we went on a trip to Villa de Leyva (about a three-hour bus ride from Bogota). It was beautiful. We rode horses to blue pools in the desert, biked to a gorgeous winery in the hills, went to the market (of course), and hung out in what is one of the largest plazas in South America. Pics below. Click on them to make them bigger.

photo 2

The plaza.

photo 3

Six-mile bike ride got us here!

Although Villa de Leyva is green, the microclimate a horseback-ride away is desert. (This is Casey during one of the few moments she was not having her horse gallop – so much fun.)

photo 1

Reward at the end of the horse-back ride! The pools were manmade to collect rainwater for agriculture. They look blue, but the water is really clear (and cold).

photo 2

We ate soup out of the big one.

photo 3

There was a film festival there this weekend (we didn’t go), so the plaza was decorated and they showed outdoor movies in the evenings. On Sunday morning, those steps were full of families eating ice cream and others drinking beer.

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4 Responses to Beautimus

  1. sharon says:

    Oh wow. Did Jake warble Spanish love songs?

  2. Martina says:

    Gorg! Glad your getting this kind of stuff in!

  3. Sarah says:


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