Conferences never disappoint.

I have previously vowed that I would never again attend a conference in Bogotá.  Conferences here are generally insanely boring.  They usually consist of people saying really general stuff about obvious things: There is a conflict in Colombia, peace will take a long time, many people have suffered throughout Colombia, etc.

Today Jake and I went to a conference on “The Intersection of Memory, Conflict, and Peace.”  It sounded fascinating.  On the agenda was a comparative discussion about peace accords in Ireland, El Salvador, and Colombia.  (btw, the FARC is currently in peace talks with the Colombian government in Cuba.  This is the government’s fourth attempt at formal peace talks with the guerrilla group.  Some people think this is a unique attempt at peace and a very revolutionary step, while some people think they are all just a bunch of bandits sitting around drinking mojitos in Havana.)[1]

Anyways… the presentation on Ireland was actually quite interesting, although not relevant to my own research.  The next man who spoke about El Salvador talked for 40 minutes without saying much of anything, was interrupted twice by the mediator and told his time was up, and then got really pissed when he was forced to stop talking.  By the end of the second presentation Jake was asleep next to me and a woman in the row ahead of me had started knitting.


Doodling because I couldn’t pay attention.

El Salvador

Third man from the left = boring.




This bathroom sign was the best part of the conference.

[1] I fall somewhere in the middle on this opinion spectrum.

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