Suck on this!

Casey had her first mamoncillo today…

photo 1 (2)The name literally translates to “little sucker,” likely because they have a big seed and thin layer of flesh that sticks to the seed. So, you suck on them. Casey’s favorite part is the burst of sweet and sour flavor you get when you first break open the shell with your teeth.

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2 Responses to Suck on this!

  1. Wish I could taste one! The food in Colombia was so good—remember
    The flights of ceviche in Cartagena? I would fly down there
    Just to eat that again! Is the PhD just a cover for the cookbook you tie are

  2. Martina says:

    even better than their taste, in my opinion, is shooting the seeds (with your mouth) into planters of trees, whilst walking among throngs of people, all potential casualties. dominican waste management, let’s call it.

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