Without a hitch

Our goal for today was that the day would “go off without a hitch.”  It started off well…

We woke up to birds chirping, got out of bed after a good night’s sleep, I had a strong coffee and glowing green smoothie (Claire Bear!) and we walked to our new yoga studio, about six steep blocks from our apartment building.  Today was our third class at the studio and we decided we love the teacher and the tranquil space.  Unfortunately, near the end of the class, when we were doing a balancing pose, Jake pulled a muscle in his lower back.  :(.

Although we had a productive afternoon reviewing a press database, Jake had to do so from a position propped up by pillows and on the single bed in the guest bedroom/office space.  In order to alleviate his pain, we accompanied our last hour of data entry with beer and large squares of dark chocolate .

Despite this small “hitch,” we had a nice afternoon and now we are going to brave the beginning of the rainy season here in Medellin to see a movie.  I hope his back feels better tomorrow.

Hasta mañana!!!

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One Response to Without a hitch

  1. abq2abd says:

    Ps. First, the movie – “Captain Phillips” was great. Second, Wednesday is half of all movies night! We didn’t even know. Our two movie tickets together cost $5.00. The extra money when to bulk candy 🙂

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