Three hour hike – Colombia Style

Normally when someone says they want to take me on a three hour hike, I either strap on my sturdiest hiking boots and a good attitude, or I gracefully try and bow out of the commitment.  Especially on a Sunday.  It’s a day of rest, after all.

Today Jake and I took the Metrocable up to the city’s natural reserve and opted for a (free) guided three hour hike.  I was a bit nervous at first, but our guide put us – and the one other couple joining us – at ease by having us stretch beforehand.  He explained that the walk would not be strenuous and that we would have a “few stops” along the way. He wasn’t kidding…


Public transportation in Medellin – gondola style.

Although we started with only four people, within an hour our group had grown to more than 50 people, ranging in age between two and about 75 years old.  I’m not sure where they all came from, but we ended up on a hike with the equivalent of a small Colombian village, and walking at the pace a village can keep up with.

me and Jake

Just us…?


Nope, a few more people are going to join…

lots of peeps

Oh, wait. All of Medellin wants to come along for the hike.

As we strolled, people bought snacks along the way, and were encouraged to stick together so that “nothing unfortunate like an attack would happen along the way.” And if the large group and our guide wasn’t enough to scare off attacks, we soon picked up a policeman mounted on horseback who escorted us the entire way.

The hike took us to some pre-hispanic ruins, a beautiful overlook of the city and two lagoons. Along the way we also saw lots of (non-native) pine trees, some jungle, and we had some damn good Sancocho with a beer.  By the end, I’d decided I like the Colombian style of hiking – no rush, no pain, and even some chocolate and sprinkles on the side.  It is Sunday after all.


This guy rode his horse through one of the lagoons to prevent a group of teenagers from swimming in it. One hour later there were about 40 kids swimming in the lagoon and this same policeman just watched them. He might have even been eating Sancocho with us while they swam.


Fresh, delicious fruit!


Fresh fruit with arequipe (caramel sauce)!


Fresh fruit with chocolate sauce!


And of course, sprinkles and marshmallows. What more does a hike need!

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3 Responses to Three hour hike – Colombia Style

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a lovely Sunday! If you come across a good local recipe for Sancocho please pass it on! Sounds delicious!

  2. Lisa says:

    This sure beats trail mix!

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