At one point this afternoon, I looked at Casey and she had a spot of yellow mango juice on her shirt and a strand of mango fiber stuck just below her lip. We had just had our third serving of mango for the day, “mango-lassi,” which she made by blending two mangos with a little bit of whole milk. Serving #1 had been mango and papaya juice she’d made the night before, and Serving #2 was just straight up slices of mango we had with lunch. All three servings were delicious. We’re now headed out to meet a friend for a drink. If we get to pick where we go, we’re going to the Mexican restaurant here that makes green-mango margaritas for Serving #4. Boom.

PS to Mark, Martina and Sarah – did the title of the this post make you think it was going to be about something totally different?

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2 Responses to Mangos

  1. Sarah says:

    No, pretty much what I expected, sans a picture. Really enjoying your posts! Makes it feel as if you aren’t quite so far away. Love to you both.

  2. Martina says:

    Mmm. My ideal day has lots of mango in it. And my mangos as well 🙂

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