San Francisco

Nope, not California. San Francisco is the name of the municipio that Case and I visited this week. It’s one of the six we’re researching, and it was hit really hard by the conflict. It’s also where there was an assassination attempt on the governor some years ago, which seems to have been covered up in the press, but which our sources say was quite real. That said, the people we interviewed there all said that they are happy to now be living in peace.

Also, as you’ll see below, we have a visitor here this week – Rachel! During our tough conversations – with war widows and others who endured terrible things during the war – it was great to have her social-work skills along with us. Also, she’s fun. The only downside is that our blog following is now significantly decreased…


Through the debris of a burned out building, leftover from the conflict, you can see new construction, and the gorgeous green mountains beyond.

photo 3

Just another fantastic view.

photo 2

San Francisco cemetery. Many of the nameplates are unnamed, because people were too scared they’d be targeted if they claimed the bodies of their family members.

photo 5

Banana transport.

photo 5

After we’d finished working we swam in the pool of this waterfall. Wonderful!

photo 2

Oscar, Jake and Rachel, instagram style.





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