Case and I have visitors in town – John and Hannah! – and we’re heading to the Coast for a long weekend (so we won’t be blogging). But first, they came through on their wedding present promise of taking us to dinner at the restaurant we envied, but didn’t want to pay for, here in Colombia. It’s called El Cielo (heaven), and featured 17 “moments” of deliciosity aimed at all of our five senses. That’s right, at one point we each had a huge bowl in front of us, and our hands covered in a pink liquid that turned hard as soon as we applied pressure, and then dripped away as soon as we let go. It was a ton of fun. Also, the food was fantastic!

photo 2

Live rabbit stew? Nope, liquid nitrogen mandarin steam for smelling, of course.

photo 1

The list of our 17 moments.

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2 Responses to Moments

  1. Henry says:

    It looks like, instead of receiving 17 moments, you got two 16’s and the capital letter “I”. I hope they were as momentous!

  2. Wow ! Ray and I would fly down there just for that exoerience! Xxmom

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