Top Ten Things About Home :)

We are back in Medellin and ready for “Round Two” of our Colombian adventure.

Upon our arrival, one of the first things we did was to buy tropical fruit, like Mangosteens and Granadilla! Yuuuum!


But before I let myself get fully back into field work and South America mode, I want to linger on a few fresh and wonderful memories from the time we spent in Michigan.

Here are my top ten (unranked):

1. Seeing the snow fall.





2. Spending time with my family on both sides (The “Ehrlichs” and The “Nachreiners/Rohrs”).

3. Getting to know my brother-in-law better through morning tea time, movie marathons, and the long wait for baby Carter to arrive.


4. Putting my wedding ring back on and not worrying about it.

5. Visiting my old favorite spots in Ann Arbor with Jake – Zingerman’s Deli, the State Theater, and Ashley’s.


6. Walking around the mall with my very pregnant sister and not having anyone stare at me because I am foreign. (They were too busy staring at Claire’s huge belly 🙂 ).

7. Visiting with old friends and feeling like no time has passed.

8. Daydreaming about buying a farm in Michigan.


9. Exploring the cute town where Claire, Alan, and now Carter live – Chelsea, Michigan.

10. Holding my baby nephew for the first time and rocking him to sleep.


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2 Responses to Top Ten Things About Home :)

  1. Sarah says:

    It was wonderful to spend Christmas with you and Jake! Sorry we didn’t get too see you again before you left. Weather and the life of a parent! Enjoy your last months, you guys are doing great work that will benefit many! Will see you in May for a party!! Love Aunt Sarah

  2. Dad says:

    Loved having you here. You and Claire (and Jake and Alan) were blessed to share something very rare. You are always in our thoughts and hearts.

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