One of those days

Today has been silly so far.  I spent an hour at Office Depot here in Medellin where none of the copiers or printers worked.  A copying center with no working printers or copiers? Really?

I then trudged back up the hill to our apartment and immediately after arriving home I spilled a full glass of water on the table in the same fashion as when I nearly destroyed my computer two months ago.  Luckily Jake was light-footed and jumped out of the way with his computer in hand.  

Just a minute ago, I rounded out 45 minutes of composing a group email in response to an email I had let slip by during the busy month of November.  After sending the well-thought out and nicely composed email to one of my advisors and a group of students, I realized that a) the email was from 2012 and b) I had already responded to it a year ago.

Bad Day


On the brighter side, Jake is working on an article on the mines in Marmato and I just submitted number four of six grant applications for writing my thesis next year.  Wish me (us) luck :).

ps. We head to the campo tomorrow, so we wont be blogging much again until the weekend!  xo



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3 Responses to One of those days

  1. sharon says:

    You need some mango slices w lime and salt and you will feel better!

  2. Cindy says:

    Ugh – I too have sent out the second well thought out email response, not realizing that i had some well organized thoughts once before, I just don’t know what they were. Today is one of those days. Great to see you in January!

  3. Dad says:

    Think of Camp Arbutus and Mack and turtle hunting with Claire and Carter Glen and how far you’ve come and how much you’ve done. Tomorrow is another day, filled with the potential for wonder and miracles. Just laugh and keep going, you’ll get there.

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