Good Day for Team Pod

I woke a bit on the early side today, to make sure I was up when the maintenance man arrived to keep working on our leaking water pipe. Case kept snoozing until he arrived, when she got up feeling tired and cranky. Our place was full of dust, and the guy was slicing back into our floor, which wasn’t the most pleasant of noises.

So, we went to yoga. It was hot yoga, Casey’s favorite, and by the time it was over she’d sweated out all the bad dreams and anger, and was ready to take another stab at the day. And what a stab it was. We got home to find the maintenance man had found the leak and cleaned up our place. Then I got an email saying the article I’ve been working on is getting bought and published (I’ll provide a link when it happens), and then Casey got an email saying that the final grant she’s been hoping for – she applied over a year ago – was officially awarded (meaning we can now seek reimbursements). Again, booyah!, as they say. We went and got ice cream to celebrate.

We’re headed to the campo again tomorrow, so may not be able to post until next week. Please keep your fingers crossed that our streak of good fortune continues…

PS – we didn’t think to take a picture of our ice cream cones (because we were busy pounding them into our faces), so we don’t have a photo for you. But imagine two sugar cones, with TWO scoops each 🙂

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5 Responses to Good Day for Team Pod

  1. marrohr says:

    Congrats to both of you, what wonderful news!! So good to have so much effort rewarded. Stuck in lots of cold and snow here, no change since you left. xoxo

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  2. Dad says:

    Congrats. Congrats, Congrats.
    You see, Journey was right all along.

  3. Yay! Congrats guys, but why Team Pod?? Jake, looking forward to reading your article!

  4. Casey says:

    “Team Pod” refers to “Two peas in a pod” – Cheesy, we know! We miss you, Shah-berry! xo

  5. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Jake– re an ice cream photo, you could always use the one
    I took of you and Casey at the Sonoran Desert 2 years ago.
    That was pretty spectacular👍🍦

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