View from our Windshield

Today as we walked to a yoga class here in Medellin, I asked Jake if he thought we would feel the same way leaving Medellin as we did when we left Bogota in October – ecstatic to escape and reveling as we extracted our tiny slice of revenge on the city by paying for our last Bogota breakfast entirely in coins.

Jake’s response was, “It will probably be a mix of excitement and nostalgia.”

This reminded me of something he said out of the blue (and that I loved) as we were driving to implement a survey in a rural area last Sunday.  He said, “I am going to miss driving on these roads, it just feels so… RUGGED.”

And rugged it is indeed.  Here are some views from our windshield:


This says “driving on an unpaved road” and shows us in a river. GPS fail.


Hey Horse!



Windshield 4

Bike fall

Look closely – the guy in the middle just fell off the bike that was being pulled through the rain by a guy on a motorcycle. Don’t worry, no one was hurt.

Cow Jumping

Oscar Car

Just FYI: My shoes match the car we borrow from Oscar.

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