Basically, we’re famous.

As we’ve mentioned, a few weeks ago we traveled to a gold-mining town with our journalist friend Oscar. I wrote an article about what’s going on there, and Oscar also interviewed Casey and me for his program. Below are the three segments of his show, should you care to see some of our fifteen seconds of fame. Please bear in mind that a) no one likes how they sound on camera (including us), and b) before this was shot we had just been taken down a dusty mountain on the backs of motorcycles (which is why my hair looks ridonkulous).

In this first part, Casey starts at 3:00 and I’m at 5:15.

Casey’s at 2:40 in this second segment.

In this final montage, I make a quick appearance at 1:00 and Casey’s at 1:30.


PS – We’re are headed to the campo tomorrow, and won’t be back until Sunday night. I’m looking forward to the long drive tomorrow morning, although this one will actually be on paved roads almost the entire way. Less rugged than I like.

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One Response to Basically, we’re famous.

  1. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Oscar worthy! I could understand most of what you both said as you enunciate so clearly. Ray and I both expect to see you as commentators on PBS news stations, or CNN. Probably not Foxnews….
    I’ll keep you posted on getting Marmato for our film festival. It will take time to see if it makes the lineup. This same festival brought The Intouchables, Twenty Feet from Stardom, and also Searching for Sugarman, so we usually get really good films. XXMom/Martha

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