7 things we hate about the campo

Case and I are in the campo for the fourth straight night. We’re bored and crabby but can’t go back to Medellin because we have more to do here on Monday and it would be too much driving. So, we’re going to take this opportunity (our hotel has wifi, although the signal is weak) to vent our frustrations about things that bug us about the campo. We apologize in advance for how this will ruin the idyllic picture of our campo lives we’ve created in previous posts.

1. Eating the same meal for lunch and dinner every day. It’s a good meal, we’re just fricking sick of it.

2. Cold showers. Or another way to put it, being dirty. When the water’s cold we (and by we I mean Casey) don’t shower as often or as well. Case has emerged from her last two showers swearing.

3. We can’t exercise except by walking around the pueblo, and when we do we run into people that invite us to sit and drink coffee with them, so we’re either rude or we don’t really exercise at all.

4. Everywhere smells like horseshit. Because there’s horseshit everywhere.

5. It’s loud. Buses, music blaring from homes and stores, people using megaphones, people singing or shouting about God – all make it really loud all the time. This is especially annoying when trying to interview people.

6. Television sucks out here. Even when they put on a show or movie we like, which is very rarely, they dub over it with Spanish, making it basically terrible.

7. No bathroom doors. The vast majority of our hotel rooms don’t have bathroom doors. Casey is especially annoyed by this, but that’s really my fault.

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2 Responses to 7 things we hate about the campo

  1. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Jake&Casey—so you must have especially loved staying here in GV with no
    Bathroom door in the guest room!! Hang in there.❤️🇺🇸

  2. Dad says:

    Sounds like Camp Arbutus.
    It’s good to ventilate. See, now you feel better…
    Strange though, it’s still loud and smells like horse shit.

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