Mucho Invierno

Casey and I recently figured out that when folks here in Antioquia say “mucho invierno,” which directly translates to “a lot of winter,” what they actually mean is, “it’s raining.”

Believe it or not, figuring this out was a big deal for us. Until we’d done so, we never understood the seasons here. People are always asking us about the four seasons in the U.S., and then they like to tell us how they only have two here. But when we’d ask when winter is, we’d hear all sorts of months, which always confused us. How many winters are there? And why do so many people give us different answers?

But now we know. They don’t actually have seasons here. When it rains, they just call it winter. Sometimes folks even say “mucho invierno hoy,” meaning “a lot of winter today.” Yes indeed, we reply, umbrella in hand, today’s winter is brutal…

PS – We’re headed to the campo tomorrow, but should be back by early next week.


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2 Responses to Mucho Invierno

  1. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Hola. Mucho Primavera ahora en el Valle Verde!❤️🌵

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