Inspired by Claire

When my sister Claire was about eight years old, she found a bird that had broken its wing and nursed it back to health using a syringe and her natural inclination for animal care-taking (she’s now a veterinarian, duh).

I remembered this story when Jake and I stumbled upon a tiny little chirping bird at the base of a tree near our house.


Chirping at us, trying to get our attention.

We were on our way back from yoga and didn’t really know what to do, so we headed home.  As we sat down to lunch we both fretted over what would happen to the little bird. Inspired by Claire, we googled: “What do you do with a bird that has fallen out of it’s nest?” and then closely followed the instructions:

1. Search for the bird’s nest.




Jake searching for the nest.

2. Handle it with rubber gloves or a towel.


3. Try and get it back to the nest and out of harm’s way.


We couldn’t find the original nest, so we put a make-shift nest made of an (*unused) dishtowel in a safe place, away from dogs and people that might have stumbled upon him.  We could see his parents chirping up higher in the branches, so we left to make sure his parents would return.

I hope he is OK!!

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3 Responses to Inspired by Claire

  1. Claire says:

    Good work!!!!

  2. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Nice work! I remember you and Claire making “bunny salads”. You made little piles if leaves and grass , with a little path of stones to lead the bunnies to it. Rachel used to help you. You girls had so much fun just hanging out in our backyard…
    Kudos to you and Jake❤️🐇🐣🐥

  3. Carrie says:

    Well done!! Kudos to Jake for his tree climbing skills. Not only are you aiding the Columbians but you are intervening for Columbian birds as well!

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