Invierno Strikes Again

Case and I worked from our apartment all morning. I did some writing and she finalized our materials for a presentation we’re giving in the campo on Friday. Working from home in nice, but by mid-afternoon we needed to get out so as not to go stir crazy. We decided to walk up the hill to get frozen yogurt and haircuts.

The yogurt (Pinkberry style) was good (although the woman who served it to us pretty much sucked as a person), but then, as we sat eating it, it started pouring rain and hail. (I haven’t seen hail since we left Bogotá, which, in my opinion, is where hail belongs.) We decided to wait out the hail in the grocery store. We did a couple laps, arm-in-arm date style, and bought some chocolate (for our after-frozen-yogurt dessert, and for tonight’s dessert after dinner – yes, we know we are not in the best shape of our lives here, back off!). Then we wanted to leave, but it was still pouring and cold out. We did another lap of the grocery store. It hadn’t gotten any more interesting. We got back to the door and saw the rain still pouring. We debated running up the hill to sit in soaking clothes for haircuts, running down the hill home, or spending more time perusing grocery aisles. We sprinted (as best as one sprints in flip flops) home, getting here completely and utterly drenched.


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One Response to Invierno Strikes Again

  1. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Come hone . We miss you. And it never rains in th USA❤️☔️

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