Don Camion

Casey and I just got back from a quick, two-day trip to the campo. It was short, sweet and productive. 

We generally borrow our friend’s truck when we go to the campo. It’s a 1998 Ford Explorer, with all sorts of quirks that add to our adventure. We spend so much time in the truck that we named him, Don Camion (Sir Truck). Or, when he’s acting up and not driving as we’d like him to, we call him “Donnie.” We’ve posted pictures of Don in other posts, if you want to see what he looks like. A big blue beautiful beast.

Anyway, on our drive home today, Donnie pulled out a new trick. Flipping all the dashboard dials back and forth like crazy, while triggering the power locks and closing the power windows. It felt like the truck was possessed, but was also kind of funny. After this went on for a while, I pulled over and we found the loose sensor that wasn’t connected well to the battery. We bent and jiggled it a bit, and then everything was back to normal. At least, mostly. Along the 2.5-hour drive, we had to repeat the same remedy a couple more times…

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