Escape to Cartagena

At one point in the beginning of March, Jake and I felt exhausted and ready to come home from fieldwork.  Like, really really ready.   As we waited for a meeting we had scheduled in Granada, we spent about an hour at Gloria’s house discussing the possibility of coming home early – of changing our flights, foregoing a chunk of grant funding (it only covers field work done abroad), and getting our Stateside life rolling.  As tempting as it was, we decided to do the next best thing – take a REAL break.  We wanted to spend a few days in an easy tourist town, where we wouldn’t stand out like sore thumbs, and where we could stroll at night, drink mojitos, and just chill.

We found the perfect place: Cartagena!

The three nights and four days were blissful.  We ate wonderful food – mostly fresh fish and ceviche – drank mojitos and caipirinhas at sunset, walked through the colonial streets, went snorkeling on an island outside of the city, had lunch with an old friend who was in town for a conference from Bogota, and just relaxed.  When we were packing up our hotel room yesterday, I didn’t want to leave!

Now we are back to the grind, getting ready for two presentations in the rural municipalities of San Carlos and Granada.  We will be back in Medellin on Sunday night. 

Here are some pictures of our excursion:


We met this guy when we visited the Santa Clara Hotel to get massages 🙂


Sunset at Cafe del Mar, located on the old walled fortress surrounding the city.


Typical building in Cartagena. This was right across from our hotel.


Boat ride to the beach!


We took a day trip to the Isla del Encanto, part of an archipelago of 23 islands about an hour outside of Cartagena.


The water was beautiful! We saw so many different colors of fish.


This painting was in the lobby of our hotel. Very typical scene.


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One Response to Escape to Cartagena

  1. Martha Nachreiner says:

    Cartagena is one of the most charming small towns ever. The trip you planned for us there is one I have very special memories of ❤️✈️🌎🌅🎣🍷
    Remember the cute hat you bought?👒 So glad you took a break to refresh your spirits!

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